Summit Community Network is an NDIS Registered Service Provider for The Hills, Northern Beaches and Central Coast.

Summit specialises in recreational programs, activities, social groups and supported holidays for people with disabilities.

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Hills District

Programs and respite in Sydneys Hills and North western suburbs

Northern Beaches

Activites and school holiday programs for Sydneys Northern Beach suburbs

Central Coast

Weekly activities for people on the Central Coast


Personal Identity


Self Esteem

Community Fun

Summit provides 4 main areas of service provision. These include regular social groups, supported holidays & time away from the family home, skill building and respite.

Social Groups

Summit provides services to the Hills area and surrounds, the Northern Beaches and Central Coast. Find out more about whats on in your area.

Supported Holidays

Improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families.

Skill building

To provide a sense of belonging, support and fun through all of our programs.


Our team is professional, dedicated and recognise the importance of continuity of staff.

Latest Notices

Summit Community Network Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown Edition: Programs & Supports Due to the extension of the current lockdown in Greater Western Sydney, all previous activities & programs have been postponed until further notice. In the meantime, Summit has been working hard to ensure that we all still can connect and be active during this challenging time.If you feel in any way that the lockdownhas potential for causing any risk of harm to you or your family and require emergency care or emergency respite during this time, please phone Summit on 1300 161 487 or email admin@scn.

Joining Summit

1. Register

If you would like to join Summit, you will first need to register your interest by filling in the registration form. This can be done by clicking “Register Now” at the top of this page. If you need assistance, please email or phone us so that we can help you register.

2. Contact

Once you have registered, a representative from Summit will contact you to discuss your registration, answer any questions you may have and arrange a meeting.

3. Planning Meeting

The planning meeting or onboarding process is one of the most important steps when joining Summit. Here we discuss your goals and how Summit can help you achieve them. You will also be provided with all the information you need to get started with Summit and requirements for the NDIS.

4. Review and Feedback

Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that services are continually improved. Feedback is encouraged and promotes good communication.

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